COCOALOHA Natural Sunscreen

COCOALOHA Natural Sunscreen


coconut oil, cocoa powder, thanaka powder, cocoa butter, Shea butter, non nano zinc oxide, zinc oxide, annatto seed

All Natural & Waterproof Fusion Facial Sunscreen

CocoAloha is created by an active surfer girl who understand how important to protect your skin on daily basis. 
CocoAloha protects and nourishes your skin with a unique blend of wild- harvested Annatto Seeds from Hawaii & Thanaka Powder from Southeast Asia.
Lovingly crafted with organic ingredients, CocoAloha provides amazing facial sun-care for all ages during active water-sports, beach activities or just as regular daily sun protection.
Stays on for hours and doesn't sting your eyes.
CocoAloha is chemical free, making it safe for your skin and the ocean, reef and coral.

What's inside...

Annatto Seeds*
High in antioxidant compounds which can help fight wrinkles, sign of aging & sun damage.

Thanaka Powder*
Provides natural sun protection while moisturizing & cooling your skin. It may also improve complexion & help to treat dark spots/ melasma.

also include: Coconut oil*,Almond oil*, Shea butter*, Cocoa butter*, Cocoa Powder*, Beeswax*, Non- nanoparticle zinc oxide, natural iron oxide & Aloha!
(*= Organic)

Shade/ color
- non tinted : For light/ pale skin tone
- Beige/ medium: For light to medium tan skin tone
- Dark/ Brown : For tan to dark Brown skin tone.

Note: Beige and Tan shade can be slightly different from time to time due to the raw natural ingredients ( annatto seeds, cacao powder, thanaka powder ) that are sourced from different places and time of harvest. 

Color custom made can always be done by request. 


    I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Land, on which I live and work. I pay respect to the unique cultural & spiritual relationships the first Australian people had/have and will have to the land, waters and sea.

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