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Morning Glow with a Green Smoothie

Wake up early, ready to grind.

What to eat what to drink ... Hmm ..

My bets are on a warm lemon water first up.

A friend of mine showed me a short cut to pre making a lemon water.

What you do is ..

Peel your lemons. Blend in Blender, Bullet, whatnot.

Pour into glass jar and leave in fridge, ready to use and easy to access.

So all you have to do is wake up, put the kettle on and pour your fresh lemon puree into your mug and mix with your water. You can add honey if you like. If you are vegan, you can use an alternative sweetener, however I do not add anything to mine except sometimes ginger.

This will keep you buzzing at least after your morning workout if you do one. Whether it is a paddle, a surf, a run, yoga or even SUP yoga.

Post workout I follow with a Green Smoothie.

(I use these in my experiences for my guests).

Full of ultimate Green Power Goodness !

What they include are:












Apple (sometimes)



Cos Lettuce

Basically anything green you can grab in your fridge or garden.

Ice (optional)

Vita Greens (optional)

Add Water & Blend up a storm!

I normally make a nice big jug ! One for right now, one for later and one for tomorrow.

I never keep longer than the next day to keep the blend fresh and active.

Drink it all up and off you go to start your day !

Please note I use only Organic Produce from Local Farmers, specifically mine are delivered to me from a little farm in Byron. If you are interested in the details, please feel free to inbox me. It is important to support our local communities and using organic produce actually lasts a lot longer !! If you can grow your own little bits and pieces, this is even better as you can just pick what you need on that day.

Now its your turn to give it a go and please let me know how you go !


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